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CoastalMED DPC/Dr. Jaclyn Nadler.

"Being self-employed, we have found being members of CoastalMED DPC has had major benefits in terms of allowing us to regularly attend to our healthcare needs.  Dr. Nadler works hard to save us money on medications and outside services.  It's been a great compliment to our high-deductible insurance plan."  Sabrina V., Englewood, FL


"Dr. Nadler is pleasant, available, courteous and ready to fill my needs.  I can always make an appointment.  My physician experience has changed totally" Susan W., Rotonda West, FL

"The special care I receive with the Nadlers (Dr. Nadler and Kirk), is so refreshing.  They know you on a personal level.  To have Dr. Nadler available 24/7 to call or text gives you such a piece of mind... It's the way health care should be.  Thank you for taking this chance for your patients" . Katie S., Englewood, FL

"We are so happy we joined Dr. Nadler's new practice, CoastalMED DPC.  My husband and I are so happy and comfortable with her, she is available all the time, 'DPC' is the BEST! With our membership, we can still use our Medicare for hospital, labs testing, medications and specialist care.  Dr. Nadler is there for 'all of our needs'".  Linda K, Placida, FL. 

"I cannot be more pleased with the care and convenience of Dr. Nadler's office.  My mother who is 90 years of age and suffers frequents infections is so well taken care of.  Dr. Nadler is so caring and I highly recommend her".  Margot S., Englewood, FL

"Dr. Nadler gives her patients REAL time, not just a 15 minute appointment.  Her specialty in Internal Medicine is an added bonus to her practice.  Dr. Nadler and her husband Kirk put the 'care' back in healthcare". Sandy B, Venice, FL

"Dr. Nadler is a caring and supportive person and is able to see me whenever I have a medical concern.  Kirk and her medical assistant Valerie are also wonderful; you couldn't ask for a better place to go." Sandra L, Englewood, FL

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