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How Direct Primary Care (DPC) saves money

Direct Primary Care (DPC) saves money! For patients with high deductible plans, health share programs or are unable to afford insurance, DPC can help. Check below for some great low cost health services:

Lab panel (Blood count, metabolic panel that measures blood sugar for diabetes screening, electrolytes, liver and kidney function, cholesterol panel with breakdown of good and bad cholesterol and thyroid function or PSA- prostate cancer screening) $35-40

Pap smear $30

Xrays $50 Coronary calcium score to detect heart disease $75 Lung cancer screening CT $150 CT scans $150-350 MRI $220-400 Bone density scan (DEXA) $50 Mammogram Free-$125

(priced may vary based on labs or imaging center and specific type of test), but these are average costs patients can expect.

We also dispense low cost medications for diabetes, blood pressure and antibiotics, many under $5

Check out our website at or better yet, call (941) 275-1234 to schedule a complimentary 15 minute meet and greet visit with Dr. Nadler to learn more how DPC can work for you.

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